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Turmeric Root Extract curcumin  

Turmeric root extract curcumin

Product Name:Turmeric Extract Powder  95% Curcumin

Active Ingredient:Curcuminoids Curcumin

CAS No.:458-37-7


Appearance:Orange-yellow powder

Plant of Origin:Turmeric Root Extrac

Test Method:HPLC

About Curcumin:

Curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the spice turmeric. The two words are sometimes used interchangeably, but the technical difference between the two is that turmeric is the yellowish powder used to flavor foods, while curcumin is a chemical contained within turmeric. In Indian and Asian cultures, turmeric and curcumin have a long history of use as a traditional herbal medicine, and Western medicine is beginning to study the potential of turmeric in treating diseases such as cancer and diabetes.As with any health supplement, consult your doctor before taking turmeric or curcumin supplements.


Staherb Curcumin Main Function:

1. Improve immunity.
2. Helping to prevent dementia.
3. Antioxidant,anti-inflammatory,antifungal.
4. Preventing the body from the damages of free radicals.
5. Preventing swelling of the joint, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
6.Having anticoagulant, lipid-lowering, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-aging,and inhibiting growth of tumor


Staherb Curcumin Application:

1. Curcumin can be used as medicines' raw materials for anti-inflammatory and regulating menstruation, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;
2. Curcumin can be used as products for regulating menstruation, it is mainly used in health product industry;
3. Curcumin can be used as pigments, food additives of seasoning, it is mainly used in cosmetic industry.


Why Choose Staherb Turmeric Extract Powder 95% Curcumin? 

 Changsha Staherb specializes in the research,produce and sale for natural plant extracts, chemical intermediates, and chemical raw materials field many years. Staherb supplies good quality raw material and excellent service and for pharmaceuticals field, food field, health supplements field, cosmetics field, beverage field, natural pigment field etc. 
Staherb with advanced science research, modern management, good sales and after sales ability wins the satisfactions of clients from home and abroad.


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