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Macleaya cordata extract chelerythrine

Produce name:Macleaya cordata Extrat

Latin name: Macleaya cordata (Willd.)R.Br.

Active ingredients:Total alkaloids,sanguinarine,chelerythrine.

Appearance:orange red  fine powder

Specification:Total alkaloids: 20%-60%;

                     Ratio product: 5:1, 10:1,20:1 TLC

                     sanguinarine 1-30%,chelerythrine:1-50%

Test Method:HPLC / TLC

 This product is made from Macleaya cordata (Willd.)R.Br, it is a green pollution-free plant extract. Sanguinarine and chelerythrine are the main components of it. It has a strong antimicrobial activity and wide antimicrobial spectrum, it has antimicrobial activity against coccus, bacillus, gram-positive and electronegative bacterium, and it has a stronger antimicrobial activity more than commonly berberine hydrochloride and penicillin against some bacteria. Use this product can help livestock effectively antimicrobial diarrhea, simulative bile and pancreatic secretion. This product is safe and effective. It is easy to dissolve in methanol and ethanol solution.


Macleaya cordata extract




Test Method



Total alkaloids



Orange yellow powder

Soluble in





Orange yellow powder




Orange yellow powder


Macleaya cordata extract chelerythrine main function:

1.Antiscolic: The three kinds of biological total base in the product can kill nematodes

 2.killing maggot: can inhibit incubation of flyblows.The strongest parts with the effects on killing maggots are leaves and pericarp, then stems, the roots are the least. The effect of the product will not be influenced by drying.


3.Inhibitory effect on some bacteria and fungi.


Macleaya cordata extract chelerythrine application:


1.It is widely used in veterinary medicine filed.

2.It is widely used in feed additive field.

3.It is widely used in medicine field.

4.It is widely used in cosmetic field.


Why choose STAHERB for macleaya cordata extract 

1. Founded in 2010, Changsha staherb natural ingredients co.,ltd is a professional standardized plant extract manufacturer.

2. Hunan is the origin of macleaya cordata which is rich in wild resources, and staherb have built a macleaya cordata planting base with the local farmer, with sufficient raw material resources.

3. Macleaya extract is the main product of Changsha Staherb, which is produced all year round, with various specifications, stable quality and spot supply.

4. Changsha staherbhas a complete set of quality testing equipment and system, quality assurance

5. Staherb provide the suggestions on the use of macleaya cordata extract

6. The macleaya cordata production workshop of Changsha staherb is located in the raw material base, with better quality control of raw materials, lower production cost and better price.

7. Macleaya extract is widely used in Europe and China, with clear active ingredients and good effect.


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