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Baicalin powder

Product Name:Scutellaria baicalensis extract 
Appearance:Yellow Fine Powder
Product Specification:Baicalin  80%,85%,90%,95%,98%
Part Used:Root
Test Method:HPLC
Active Ingredients:Baicalin

What is Baicalin?

Baicalin, a flavonoid derived from Scutellaria baicalensis, is the main metabolite of baicalein released following administration in different animal models and human.
Scutellaria baicalensis was among seven ingredients in a combination oral herbal product known as PC-SPES that was used to treat prostate cancer. Baicalin from Scutellaria root extract isolated compounds called flavonoids. It has significant biological activity, has antibacterial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-metamorphosis and antispasmodic effect, and has strong anti-cancer response to physiological performance and played an important role in clinical medicine.    


Function of Baicalin

1. Baicalin is widely known with anti-inflammatory effects, as well as its relaxing, calming and sleep-promoting effects.

2. Baicalin stops skin cell senescence by restoring the telomere length of their chromosomes. Then your skin can make healthy, youthful new cells and keep your skin acting years younger.

3. Baicalin increases skin cell working life by about 10 per cent, delaying aging. Part of the way it does this is by restoring their telomeres.

4. In one study, researchers blasted skin cells with sunlight-like UV-A radiation. Skin cells without baicalin had their telomere lengths reduced by almost 70%. Baicalin was able to restore the telomeres to 65% of their original length, despite the damaging radiation.1

5. Baicalin also helps activate a set of anti-aging genes in skin cells called P53 genes that prevent cells from becoming senescent.

6. Baicalin can help repair DNA breaks and keep your skin cells youthful and healthy.2 This increases skin firmness and elasticity, improves skin restructuring, and increases the number of fibroblast duplications.

7. And in a recent study, baicalin protected skin from UV-B radiation that can cause photo aging and even skin cancer.

8. When researchers tried to age skin cells with ultraviolet radiation replicating overexposure to sunlight, the fibroblasts of skin cells treated with baicalin remained youthful and normal.3 The antioxidant power of baicalin completely protected the skin cells from free radical damage that causes premature aging of skin.

9. Another study found that pre-treating skin cells with baicalin protected them from the DNA damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

10. Baicalin has many other benefits, too … it’s a known memory-enhancer, for instance. What it does is keep the active peptides in your brain working for longer, keeping your memory fresh and sharp.


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Application of Baicalin

 1. Applied in pharmaceutic field, for the treatments of infantile pneumonia, children bacillary dysentery, virus hepatitis, acute cholecystitis, acute local inflammation and plumbism, etc

 2. Applied in cosmetic field as skin restoring nutrient to anti-aging.

3. With much health-supporting properties, baicalin is widely used as dietary supplement products.

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