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Chokeberry Extract

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Product Description

    Lycium ruthenicum (scientific name: LyciumMurr.) is a spiny shrub of the genus Lycium in the family Solanaceae, up to 150 cm tall, much branched; hard, with irregular longitudinal stripes, branchlets lly acuminate into spines, internodes shortened, with clusters of leaves or flowers and leaves simultaneously clustered, on young branches then single leaves alternate, plump and fleshy, lly obtusely rounded, base attenuate, midrib inconspicuous, peanut on short branches; pedicel slender, calyx narrowly campanulate, corolla funnel-shaped, light purple, lobes rectangular-ovate, auricles inconspicuous; style and stamens subequal. Berries are purple-black, globose, brown, flowering and fruiting from May to October.

  It is distributed in northern Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Xizang in China; it is also distributed in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Europe. Drought tolerant, often born in saline soil wasteland, sand or roadside.

  Black-fruited wolfberry can be used as a shrub for soil and water conservation. Black fruit wolfberry taste sweet, calm, rich in protein, wolfberry polysaccharide, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients.

Product Name: Extract of Lycium barbarum L.

  English Name:Extract of Lycium barbarum L.

  Product Alias:Black wolfberry. Black fruit wolfberry, Soviet wolfberry, Su wolfberry

  Plant Source:Fruit of Lycium barbarum L., family Solanaceae.

  Product Specification:Black wolfberry anthocyanin 5% 25% 10:1

  Product properties: Purple powder

  Packaging: Inside with double plastic bag 1kg aluminum foil, outside with cardboard barrel (25kg/barrel)

  Storage:Place in a cool, dry, light and high temperature place.

  Warranty:Two years


Company Introduction
Address: Room 202, Building B8, Huanchuang Enterprise Square, Lugu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Business scope: Biotechnology, research and development of plant extracts (can be used in the field of pharmaceutical and health products, cosmetics, feed additives and biological pesticide production and development)
Main products: Eucommia extract - chlorogenic acid (5%-98%), ursolic acid (25%-98%), corosolic acid (1%-98%), bitter amygdalin (50%-98%), epimedoside (10%-98%) and other standardized high-purity plant extracts.

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Whatsapp: +86 13548561509

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