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Green coffee bean

Publish Date 2019-09-10
Green coffee bean extract is one of the newest hot weight loss products on the market. Green coffee bean extract is an extract derived from coffee before it is roasted. Hence coffee is usually

brown to black in color after roasting. Roasting has an effect on coffee taste and reduces the active compound in green coffee bean extract called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acids found in green coffee bean extract have healthy benefits while having aninfluence glucose and fat metabolism. A 22-week crossover study indicated that GCB extract was safe and effective in helping reduce weight in 16 overweight individuals. Individuals in this study followed no diet or exercise program. Body weight and body fat were both reduced. Additionally a meta-analysis on GCB extract showed a significant reduction in body weight with overweight individuals over placebo.
While adult obesity continues to climb GCB extract might be helpful in a weight management program. The effect on GCB and chlorogenic acids are multifaceted. Some of the attributed effects of GCB extract are: improved glucose and insulin balanced in one of these studies, thus reducing blood and live and increased satiety. Glucose absorption was reducer fats (triglycerides). (8,9) . Increasing the ‘fat’ burning effect, GCB extract was researched in rats showing good benefits in abdominal fat reduction. It seems the chlorogenic acids and caffeine work together in reducing abdominal fat in rats by increasing lipolysis or fat cells being opened up for energy release. While GCB extract still has caffeine GCB extract is also high in polyphenol’s and other antioxidants. GCB extract final frontier is prevention of blood pressure. Most individuals assume that coffee of any type will increase your blood pressure; GCB seems to be just the opposite. Some studies indicate the use of GCB extract might reduce blood pressure and prevent the onset of high blood pressure for those that consume GCB extract. (5,6,7)

Safety issues have shown no ill effects at this particular time for individuals consuming GCB extract before meals. A reduction in blood sugar can be a complication for individuals with type I and II diabetesthat might be using medications. Dosage of GCB extract varies between manufactures. But the general theme is to take 1 cap before heavy meals up to three times a day.

By Starkie Sowers CN Edited by Wayne Grubacich


1. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee

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