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Spirulina Powder

Brand Name︰Changsha Staherb
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Product Description

Spirulina powder is a powder made by grinding spirulina. It is easier to absorb than spirulina.

Basic Information
【Product name】: Spirulina powder

[Shelf life]: 24 months

Spirulina powder is made from fresh spirulina by spray drying, sieving and sterilization, and its fineness is generally above 80 mesh. Pure spirulina is pink and dark green, and feels smooth to the touch. Spirulina that has not been sieved or added with other substances will have a rough feeling.
Spirulina is a class of lower plants, belonging to the phylum Cyanobacteria, Oscillatoraceae. Like bacteria, they do not have a true nucleus in their cells, so they are also called cyanobacteria. The cell structure of cyanobacteria is primitive and very simple. It is the earliest photosynthetic organism on earth and has survived on this planet for 3.5 billion years. It grows in water, and its shape can be seen under the microscope as spiral filaments, hence the name. Spirulina platens is generally used in health food. Other Spirulina include Spirulina maxima and Spirulina salazawa. The protein content of Spirulina platensis is generally above 65%.
Spirulina can be divided into feed grade, food grade and special use according to different uses. Feed-grade spirulina powder is generally used in aquaculture and livestock breeding, and food-grade spirulina powder is used in health food and added to other foods for human consumption.

Therapeutic value
The main functions of spirulina are: 1. It has a certain preventive and inhibitory effect on the three highs (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia) 2. It has a certain curative effect on chronic gastrointestinal diseases, gastric and duodenal ulcers 3. Can laxative and treat hemorrhoid scars 4, can beautify and lose weight.

1. Oral
The price of algae powder is cheaper than that of algae tablets, and the middle-aged and elderly people and infants and young children have the same effect as spirulina tablets when they are prepared and taken at home. Modulation method:
①4 grams of algae powder, add half a spoon of honey, add half a cup of water to make a paste, and gargle with warm water after swallowing, twice a day;
②4 grams of algae powder, add half a cup of milk, stir and swallow;
③4 grams of algae powder and a small half cup of fruit juice, mix well and swallow.
The easiest way to enjoy spirulina powder is to add it to your favorite fruit and vegetable juices in a food blender. You can eat from less to more as you get used to it. Many regular eaters can eat 10 grams of spirulina powder with each drink.
A few useful suggestions: ① Do not put a wet spoon into the spirulina powder bottle, or pour a spoonful of spirulina powder directly into the liquid, and add it slowly while stirring to avoid condensation. ②Dry spirulina powder will absorb moisture, so please tighten the bottle cap after use. ③No need to put it in the refrigerator, but it should be placed in a cool, dry dark place.
Within 30 minutes of consuming spirulina powder, the human body will react because the powder is particularly easy to digest and absorb. Spirulina drink once or twice a day (between meals or instead of meals) can provide energy and nutrition in time.
2. Skin care
Commonly used facial mask preparation method:
①, 3 grams of spirulina powder, add a little milk and lemon juice and mix it into a paste, apply it on the face for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water;
②, 3 grams of spirulina powder, add a little fresh milk, 2 drops of daily use and a little bit of fragrant flower slices with fingers, make a paste, press ① operation, preferably twice a week, can play the role of moisturizing, anti-wrinkle , Whitening effect.
3. Other beauty methods
1. Summer body whitening - spirulina powder bath:
4 grams of spirulina powder, slowly stir and pour into half a bottle of pure fresh milk. After dissolving, pour it into the bathtub and soak for 20 minutes. As a result, the skin of the whole body will become very tight, smooth, shiny and white!
2. Oral freckle formula:
Taking 9-18 grams of spirulina every day has a good effect of moistening the intestines and laxatives, and can reduce the facial chloasma caused by the disturbance of toxic gas caused by constipation.

Company Introduction
Address: Room 202, Building B8, Huanchuang Enterprise Square, Lugu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Business scope: Biotechnology, research and development of plant extracts (can be used in the field of pharmaceutical and health products, cosmetics, feed additives and biological pesticide production and development)
Main products: Eucommia extract - chlorogenic acid (5%-98%), ursolic acid (25%-98%), corosolic acid (1%-98%), bitter amygdalin (50%-98%), epimedoside (10%-98%) and other standardized high-purity plant extracts.

If you wanna know more about us, please feel free to contact me at:

Whatsapp: +86 18975842720

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We look forward to cooperating with you!

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