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Cinnamon Powder(SW Flavor) Combretum Micranthum Extract Cotton Seed Extract

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Product Description

Cinnamon powder is a powder made from the dried and peeled branches of cinnamon, mostly used in coffee, bread, cakes and other baked products.
Cinnamon powder, commonly known as Jade cinnamon powder. The main raw material of cinnamon powder, cinnamon, grows around Ceylon and India, and is a plant of camphor family. Cinnamon is an evergreen tree, born in evergreen broad-leaved forest, but mostly cultivated, cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in China, especially cultivated in Guangxi, mostly artificial pure forest, China introduced large-leaved Qing Hua Gui from Vietnam in 1962, cultivated in hilly or sloping mountainous areas, cultivated in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places in a large area. The dried bark and branch bark of cinnamon and Cinnamomum cassia are made into powder and called cinnamon powder, which has a favorite aroma, mild and sweet feeling and is a popular spice. It is mostly used in bread, cakes, pies and other bakery products.

Chinese name: cinnamon powder
Foreign name: Cinnamon
Alias: Jade cinnamon powder
Main ingredients: Cinnamon
Whether it contains preservatives: No
Main edible effects: Dispersing cold and relieving pain, activating blood circulation, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids
Suitable for people: general population are Can be eaten, Yin deficiency and fire, solid heat, blood heat and pregnant women are prohibited to take

Company Introduction
Address: Room 202, Building B8, Huanchuang Enterprise Square, Lugu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Business scope: Biotechnology, research and development of plant extracts (can be used in the field of pharmaceutical and health products, cosmetics, feed additives and biological pesticide production and development)
Main products: Eucommia extract - chlorogenic acid (5%-98%), ursolic acid (25%-98%), corosolic acid (1%-98%), bitter amygdalin (50%-98%), epimedoside (10%-98%) and other standardized high-purity plant extracts.

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