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Carica Papaya Extract

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Product Description

Appearance: Brown powder
Chemical composition: contains malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, saponins and flavonoids, fresh fruit contains hydrogen peroxidase, seeds contain hydrocyanic acid
Effects: Calming the liver and soothing the tendons, dispelling dampness and stomach

Product Description
Reddish brown powder extract of the fruit of Chaenomelesspeciosa (Sweet) Nakai, family Rosaceae

Plant form Deciduous shrubs, up to 2 m tall, branchlets glabrous and spiny. Leaf blade ovate to elliptic, 3-10 cm long, 1.5-1 cm wide. flowers in clusters, light red or white; styles 5, basally connate, glabrous; pear fruit spherical or oblong, about 8 cm long, drying with crinkled pericarp. The fruit is spherical or orbicular, about 8 cm long, and the dry skin is wrinkled.

Functions and Indications
Used for damp paralysis constriction, waist and knee joint soreness and heavy pain, vomiting and diarrhea turn tendon, foot edema.
It is often cultivated in various places. It is mainly produced in Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui and Zhejiang.

The fruits are picked in summer and autumn when they are green and yellow, scalded in boiling water until the outer skin is grayish white, cut in half lengthwise and dried in the sun.

The fruit is ovoid or oblong, longitudinally dissected into two valves, 4-9cm long, 2-5cm wide, 1-2.5cm thick. outer surface purplish red or red-brown, with irregular deep wrinkles; section edge curled inward, the flesh is red-brown, the central part of the depression, brownish yellow. The seeds are flat and triangular, mostly deciduous, and the deciduous part is smooth and shiny. Hard texture. Smell slightly fragrant, taste sour.

Company Introduction
Address: Room 202, Building B8, Huanchuang Enterprise Square, Lugu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Business scope: Biotechnology, research and development of plant extracts (can be used in the field of pharmaceutical and health products, cosmetics, feed additives and biological pesticide production and development)
Main products: Eucommia extract - chlorogenic acid (5%-98%), ursolic acid (25%-98%), corosolic acid (1%-98%), bitter amygdalin (50%-98%), epimedoside (10%-98%) and other standardized high-purity plant extracts.

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