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Broccoli Extract

  • Broccoli Extract
  • Broccoli Extract
Model No.︰cas:21414-41-5
Brand Name︰Changsha Staherb
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Product Description

Broccoli Extract
Main IngredientRadish Sulfurin
Molecular formula C6H11S2NO
Molecular weight 177.29
Product source broccoli seeds

Broccoli extract prevents and fights cancer
Probably the most significant effect of broccoli is that it can prevent and fight cancer. Broccoli contains more vitamin C, which is higher than cabbage, tomatoes and celery, and is especially effective in preventing and treating stomach and breast cancers. Research shows that when suffering from stomach cancer, human serum selenium levels drop significantly, and the concentration of vitamin C in gastric juice is also significantly lower than normal, while broccoli can not only give people a certain amount of selenium and vitamin C, but also supply rich carotene, which can play a role in preventing the formation of precancerous cells and inhibit the growth of cancer. According to American nutritionist research, broccoli also has a variety of indole derivatives, this compound has the effect of reducing the level of estrogen in the body, can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. In addition, research has shown that an enzyme extracted from broccoli can prevent cancer. This substance is called carotenoid sulfur, which has the effect of increasing the activity of carcinogen detoxification enzymes.

Functions and Indications
1、It can nourish the kidney and fill the essence, strengthen the brain and bones, nourish the spleen and stomach.
2. It is a main treatment for long-standing illness and weakness, limb impotence and weakness, tinnitus and forgetfulness, weakness of spleen and stomach, and delayed development of children.
American nutritionists call on people to consume more broccoli in the fall, when it has the highest nutritional content in its stems. Broccoli has miraculous effects on killing Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach cancer. Broccoli is one of the foods that contain the most flavonoids. In addition to preventing infections, flavonoids are also the best blood vessel cleaners, preventing cholesterol oxidation and platelet clotting, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Some people's skin becomes bruised once they get a small bump or injury, due to a lack of vitamin K in the body. The best way to supplement this is to eat more broccoli.

Company Introduction
Address: Room 202, Building B8, Huanchuang Enterprise Square, Lugu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Business scope: Biotechnology, research and development of plant extracts (can be used in the field of pharmaceutical and health products, cosmetics, feed additives and biological pesticide production and development)
Main products: Eucommia extract - chlorogenic acid (5%-98%), ursolic acid (25%-98%), corosolic acid (1%-98%), bitter amygdalin (50%-98%), epimedoside (10%-98%) and other standardized high-purity plant extracts.

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