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chamomile oil

Model No.︰STA-187
Brand Name︰STAHERB
Country of Origin︰China
Minimum Order︰1 kg
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Product Description

Product Name : Chamomile essential oil

Features : Chamomile oil is extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant, which is very popular as a flowering plant.There are two types of camomile, Although the essential oils extracted from both varieties are quite similar in        some medicinal properties, their composition is different and they do possess certain specific qualities that are        worth noting.

Chamomile oil is composed of alpha pinene, beta pinene, camphene, caryophyllene, sabinene, myrcene, gamma-           terpinene, pinocarvone, farsenol, cineole, propyl angelate, and butyl angelate.

Chamomile oil is more calming and works as a better emmenagogue, is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent          due to the presence of a compound called Azulene.

It is a nitrogenous compound and is responsible for giving the oil its characteristic deep blue color.However,                these are not the only medicinal properties of Chamomile Oil. There are many more.


Usage :  To fight anxiety and depression, diffuse 5 drops, or inhale it directly from the bottle.

To improve digestion and leaky gut, apply 2–4 drops topically to the abdomen. When diluted with a carrier oil like        coconut oil, it can even be used in low doses for children with colic and diarrhea.

For a restful sleep, diffuse chamomile oil next to bed, rub 1–2 drops onto the temples or inhale it directly from the         bottle.

To help calm children, diffuse Roman chamomile oil at home or dilute 1–2 drops with coconut oil and apply the             mixture topically to the area in need (such as the temples, stomach, wrists, back of neck or bottoms of the feet).

To use as a home remedy for acne, treat various skin conditions and combat the signs of aging, add 2–3 drops to a clean cotton ball and apply chamomile oil to the area of concern, or add 5 drops to a face wash. If you have very          sensitive skin, dilute chamomile with a carrier oil before applying it topically. 

To promote heart health, apply 2–4 drops topically over the heart or take internally by placing it under the tongue.

 To ease nausea, inhale Roman chamomile directly from the bottle, or combine it with ginger, peppermint and               lavender oil and diffuse. It can also be used topically on temples to help with nausea.

When using any essential oil internally, only use very high-quality oil brands that are 100 percent pure grade and            made by a reputable and trustworthy company.

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