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apple extract phlorizin

Model No.︰STA-172
Brand Name︰STAHERB
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 KG
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Product Description

Apple with large effect , belongs to the rosaceae in fruit, it is not only the main fruits in China, also the most widely grown and largest fruit in the world. It taste sweet, juicy, and rich of nutrition.Apple extract comes from apple peel.The major active ingredient is apple polyphenols, phloretin, phloridzin.



1.Phlorizin powder used to anti-bacteria.

2.Phlorizin powder used to stimulates libido.

3.Phlorizin powder can treat diabetes mellitus.

4.Phlorizin powder with the function of antioxidant.



1. skins can be applied to facial mask, skin cream, lotion and essence. 

 2. Phloretin can inhibit the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and is used to treat exuberant acne.  It can inhibit the activity of melanocyte and has effect on various skin spots. Compared with arbutin and kojic acid, the inhibition of tyrosinase by phloretin at the same concentration was better than that by arbutin and/or kojic acid. When it was mixed with arbutin and/or kojic acid, the inhibition rate of tyrosinase was greatly increased, and the inhibition rate reached 100%.  

3. Phloretin has a very strong moisturizing effect and can absorb 4-5 times its own weight of water. It can promote the absorption and utilization of other functional factors in the formula and make it play a better role. The antioxidant function is very strong. It can scavenge free radicals in the skin. The antioxidant concentration of oil is between (10-30)*10-6. It can prevent carbohydrates from entering epidermal cells, thus inhibiting the excessive secretion of the cutaneous glands and treating exuberant acne.

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