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Kelp and phaeophyta extract: the body's iodine supplier

Publish Date 2020-04-13
Kelp and Phaeophyta extract is derived from Thallus Caminaria which is also known as Japanese seaweed and is commonly used in the manufacturing of medicines. This very beneficial plant is picked from the sea during summer and autumn season and then is cleaned, chopped into smaller portions and dried in shade to achieve the extract. This herb extract is now being used in the West, but was initially used by the Chinese in the manufacturing of their medicines.

This is very ancient herb and was first observed 5 million years ago. The extract is widely available as its plants grow very fast and become huge in size. The extract contains a huge portion of iodine and that is the reason why it is commonly known as thyroid regulator. It is also a rich source of iron and potassium and also contains ultra-trace minerals such as germanium, iridium, etc which are rare in other herbs. They are very important for human health and are not found elsewhere due to depletion of natural resources.

The amazing herb is used to treat problems of obesity. Furthermore, it is a great energizer for the liver and kidney channels. The extract is thought to treat thyroid tumor and tumor of lymphatic glands. Some people use this extract for treatment of edema as well. The consumption of this herb also helps to regulate the blood pressure level and is a very effective laxative to treat constipation. It is an anti-cancer herb extract and it also reduces the sickness causes by radiations in tumor treatment.

The extract is used to reduce the heartburn sensation due to ulcers. The extract is used to prevent the aging process and is used in anti-aging products. It is also discovered that taking this extract would cause hair growth. The extract boosts energy, calms the nervous system, ensures better sleep, promotes better thinking, well for circulatory system, and promotes healing of bones and an overall health and body tonic.

The extract is also orally applied to cause swelling of different parts of the body before undergoing surgeries and is more commonly used for gynecological surgeries. By latest researches it is found that the extract in its purest form is a life saving food supplement and is fit for usage for everyone. Balance should be maintained while taking the extract as over dosage can result in some side effects as it is a mineral and vitamin rich substance and over consumption can be dangerous. It is best to consult a doctor before usage and ensure the amount to be taken daily. Women who are pregnant and breast feed should avoid using this extract.

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