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Fructus Sophora Extract

Publish Date 2020-04-13
Fructus Sophora extract is derived from fruits, roots and flower of evergreen trees and shrubs of sophora, which have generally a very pleasant fragrance. These plants grow at a very fast pace and achieve great height and width. The flower and buds of trees are boiled with water to achieve organic yellow color. These trees were initially found in the eastern side of Asia, towards China and Japan, but nowadays they can also be found in Europe, North America and some parts of South Africa.

The extract holds the honor of being in the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is called by some as the tree which loves heat. In older times, the extract was mainly used to stop bleeding. This astounding herb has benefits of all types but if we focus on an herbalist’s approach, it has hidden remedies and means of protection from severe ailments.

Growing concern of today's time is thickening of blood vessels due to anxiety and tough routines leading to hemorrhoids. Sophora extract is an herbal supplement which effectively reduces the size of swollen vessels. Furthermore, the extract prevents the formation of clots and regulates the cardiovascular system. The extract is still used to stop bleeding as it was used earlier. It is also used for curing sores.

Some researchers point out that if the extract is used regularly; it acts as an amazing brain tonic, increases a person's life span and prevents graying of hair. It is used for naturally treating many allergies and illnesses like asthma, bloating, mouth sores, headache, inflammation and arthritis. Not only this, but it also acts as an anti-oxidant, anti bacterial and anti-cancer herb. The herb extract has benefits to both men and women of all ages.

As mentioned earlier, it is beneficial for both men and women. Men who use this extract never suffer from erective dysfunction. Furthermore, women who face problems like obesity, depression, hormonal imbalances and fluctuations in cycles, mood swings, anxiety and nausea can get rid of all this without any side effects if they use fructus sophora extract regularly and appropriately.

The herb is cool and is known to remove heat from liver; therefore, it is the best for people suffering from all kinds of hepatitis. It also improves eye sight. Nowadays, multivitamin manufacturers are using this herb extract to add to their medicines due to its vast variety of health benefits and absolute safety in usage even for very long time duration. However, over dosage can result in health hazards.

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