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one of the major constituents of Eucommia Bark Extract-Chlorogenic Acid

Publish Date 2019-09-12
Chlorogenic Acid – as one of the major constituents of Eucommia Bark Extract :

Chlorogenic acid is found abundantly in coffee beans, strawberries, pineapple, coffee, sunflower, blueberries, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, apples, pears as well as artichoke leaves, burdock root, dandelion root, and echinacea root. it is also found in high concentration in Eucommia bark.
Green coffee beans have been widely promoted in recent times for it’s Chlorogenic Acid associated benefits.

Eucommia Bark extract standardized to 42% Chlorogenic Acid offers those benefits to those of us who desire to limit the intake of Caffeine. Chlorogenic Acid shows following health benefits :

Reducing Blood Pressure
Helps To Improve Blood Vessel Circulation
Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
A good Anti-Oxidant and Radiation protective.
Weight loss: Currently prevailing high-fat / high-sugar SAD dietary trends make for increased obesity in population. Generally speaking the body utilizes dietary fats as a default source of energy, but when sugars are also present in the same foods the body will use sugars for energy instead, while putting dietary fats on backburner. This results in increased fat storage in the body. Burning sugars for energy contributes to faster aging processes, reduced immune function, cell-protein damage (glycation) and number of other undesirable effects. Burning dietary fats for energy is much cleaner and is very much preferred from the health and longevity point of view.

When taken with or before food, Chlorogenic acid retards the release of glucose into the blood stream. As a response, the body burns the fats to release energy! Hence, causing weight loss!

Also chlorogenic acid increases body heat. As a result thermogenesis occurs which results in weight loss.

Chlorogenic acid also inhibits the rate at which new fat cells grow, resulting in the prevention gaining weight. The most curious thing about chlorogenic acid is that it is not absorbed by the small intestine or detected by plasma. This makes chlorogenic acid very effective in its operation.

Due to lack of exercise and proper dieting habits, people strongly need a supplement that contains Chlorogenic Acid as it can help lose weight without having to do much strenuous exercise.

Chlorogenic acid may have a weak psychostimulatory effect.

Chlorogenic acid and its metabolites exert a potent anti-hypertensive effect – aiding in normalizing / lowering the blood pressure. As opposed to Caffeine which increases the blood pressure.

It may be noted therefore that the Chlorogenic acid found naturally in coffee helps to balance the hypertensive effect of coffee.

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