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沙棘果油seabuckthorn berry oil
姜黃素Turmeric Root Extract curcumin
阿爾法熊果甙alpha arbutin
唾液酸sialic acid
氨基丁酸γ-aminobutyric acid
紅曲米提取物Red yeast extract
紅景天提取物Rhodiola Rosea Extract
蘋果提取物Apple peel extract
紫錐菊提取物Echinacea extract
石榴皮提取物Pomegranate exract
橄欖葉提取物olive leaf extract
荷葉提取物lotus leaf extract
常春藤提取物Ivy leaf extract
積雪草提取物centella asiatic extract
羥基積雪草酸madecassic acid
積雪草總甙Centella total glucosides
當歸提取物angelica extract
大蒜提取物garlic extract
淫羊藿提取物Epimedium extract icariin
問荊提取物Horsetail extract
黃芪提取物Astragalus extract
猴頭菇提取物lion's mane mushroom extract
麥苗汁粉wheat grass juice powder
絞股藍提取物gynostemma pentaphyllum extract
覆盆子提取物raspberry extract
水飛薊提取物milk thistle extract
靈芝提取物Reishi Mushroom Extract
人蔘提取物ginseng extract




CAS號.: 73-03-0 
分子式: C10H13N5O3 
分子量: 251.24 

檢測方式:HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD







比旋光度: D20 -47°; D27 -42°









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